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VECTA Animal Health is an innovative Group headquartered in Sydney, Australia specialising in the manufacturing and marketing of highly concentrated premium products tailored towards Equine and Camel Nutrition, Performance and Recovery. Through strategic acquisitions and key global manufacturing partnerships, VECTA Animal Health is positioned to deliver a diverse range of products, providing the high level of quality the industry has desired for years, with scientifically validated products targeting Thoroughbred Racing, Harness Racing, Endurance Racing, Performance Horses and Camel Racing.

Whether you are looking for an edge over your competitors on the track, in the ring or on the circuit, VECTA Animal Health caters for the ongoing demands in order to ensure the highest level of nutrition and performance of horses and racing camels.

With a global reach throughout Australia, United States of America, South America and the United Arab Emirates, contact VECTA Animal Health today to learn how we can help improve Nutrition, Performance and Recovery.



VECTA Animal Health has identified the below companies who are marketing and distributing counterfeit SGF1000. We ask all Veterinarians to be very wary of purchasing SGF1000 from any company other than VECTA as counterfeit SGF1000 is very harmful for horses and camels. These small-scale, pharmacy made counterfeit SGF1000 companies have NO quality control and NO sterility protocols around the manufacture of counterfeit SGF1000.

VECTA SGF1000 is manufactured in a GMP/APVMA Accredited manufacturing facility in Australia.



* Medivet Equine

* Advanced Equine & Camel Solutions (AECS) - Also sell a counterfeit version SGF1000 called SGF5000

* Taylor Made Equine - Also sell a counterfeit version SGF1000 called SGF5000


If you are purchasing SGF1000 from any company or website claiming to be a representative of VECTA SGF1000, please contact VECTA directly on [email protected] and we will provide confirmation if they are a certified representative for VECTA SGF1000 or a counterfeit Company.


SGF1000 is not available for sale in Australia.


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