VECTA SGF1000 Activation

1. How does SGF1000 benefit the health and performance of horses and camels?

By enhancing cell differentiation and migration of the more desired cells, we see an increase in stamina, performance, energy and health. 

2. As growth factors encourage growth, do they enhance muscle growth by way of anabolic methods?

No they do not have any effect on muscular growth or androgen receptors in any way.

3. Is SGF1000 legal under FEI rules and regulations?

Yes SGF1000 Activation are legal under FEI rules and regulations.


4. Has there been any adverse reactions using SGF1000?

No, There are no reported adverse reactions when using SGF1000. VECTA advises all customers that there has been adverse reactions from counterfeit versions of SGF1000 called SGF5000 made by Taylor Made Equine. Please contact VECTA today for replacement if you have purchased the SGF5000.


5. How can SGF1000 be Administered?

SGF1000 can be administered Intravenously, Intramuscular, Intraarticularly, Intratendinously and Subcutaneous.


6. Does VECTA have certified International Distributors?

Yes VECTA has authorised International Distirbutors. Please contact VECTA today for your local Distributor