VECTA Animal Health prides itself on delivering premium products & performance technologies in servicing the Equine industry’s needs through;

  • Scientifically Proven Products
  • Higher Concentrations than other leading brands
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation

VECTA Animal Health works closely with some of the most renowned Veterinarians and Scientists from all over the world. This close relationship has allowed for the development of a very comprehensive and highly concentrated range of products to suit the nutritional and performance demands of horses. We are committed to proving these products through scientific case studies to prove their efficacy. At VECTA Animal Health our success is not just our achievement, it’s our attitude.

Recent case studies to be published in 2015 involving endurance horses and thoroughbreds showed many benefits relating to the overall health and performance of Equine athletes through lowered heart rates at resting and immediately following exercise, optimal blood counts through analysis of biochemical parameters such as muscle and liver enzymes, electrolytes and blood protein fractions as well as vast improvements in amino-acid profiles through urine analysis.

Fast and effective recovery following racing and competition is also a key focus of VECTA Animal Health. These demands are catered for through highly concentrated and very effective range of recovery products as well as tailor-made products stimulating angiogenesis.

Improve your horse’s health and performance to meet your expectations! If you want to achieve the highest honours in your chosen equine discipline then you need to contact VECTA Animal Health today.